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Jerky Lore! So, What Exactly is JERKY?

       Jerky Lore To some people the word "jerky" conjures up images of cowboys on a dusty trail ride, fur traders and trading posts or Indians in a camp after a hunting trip.  And indeed jerky was a staple in the diets of these rugged people.  But the jerky of those days was not anything like we know it to be today.  Salt and pepper were not readily available ingredients in those day, and the flavors found in today's jerkies did not exist. Additionally, the process of preserving was much different. The American Indians would pound the meat of venison or buffalo into a pulp with lard and berries and keep it in a cool place.  This rough form of jerky was and still  is known as "pemmican".  The lard would act as a preservative, much like duck is stored as confit today.  They would also cut the meat into strips and dry it in the open air.  This would produce a very bland and dry meat that would eventually be soaked in water before cooking or simmering in stews.  The Indians would make a traditional stew called Wash-tunk-ala from dried deer or buffalo, tubers, wild onions and peppers, dried corn kernels, and cornmeal.   Though bland by today's standards, it was every bit a gourmet dish in those days.

     Today, some people can't even go fishing without a bag of jerky in their gear, and to those people we would like to share our commitment to perfecting the art of jerky making.  Salts, sugars, cures and infinite variety of herbs, berries and seasonings, combined with high-tech ovens and smokers have turned this one time staple into a specialty food found in stores and meat shops across the country.  But as any jerky lover can tell you, there are many types and styles of jerkies out there and when you get the good stuff, you know it.  That's where we enter the scene!

     All the jerkies we offer are made from solid muscle meats, like top round and flanks; not the pulverized and formed kind you might find in a truck stop.  The rounds are sliced a little thick so the meats retain their flavor.  Only the freshest seasonings, herbs and peppers available are used to produce a consistently flavorful jerky.  Hard hickory wood is used to add just the right amount of smoky flavor during the drying process.  The resulting jerkies are actually a bit habit forming!

     Thank your stopping by our website.  We are confident you will enjoy eating them as much as we take pride in preparing them for you.  As always, our products are fully guaranteed, and we would appreciate your comments or suggestions.
     Bon Appetit

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